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Goalie Jersey

Back of the Net, LLC is proud to present

a new style of Goalie Jerseys


We have created a state of the art goalie jersey that is a unique addition to the field hockey equipment market. Too often we see goalies who are in jerseys that are not customized to them and their equipment. These goalie jerseys are designed by a goalkeeper, for goalkeepers. This jersey is a one size fits all.  

Special features of the jersey:

Jersey is composed of a lightweight but durable Spandex material

3/4 sleeves, that come to below the goalie's elbow pads

The back of the jersey uses mesh spandex

Incredibly light - one of the lightest jerseys I have ever felt

Jersey is slightly longer than standard goalie jerseys, goalies are able to tuck-in their jersey for a sleeker look


Why: Goalies need to look good and feel good while playing
Cost: $75 for an unprinted jersey
Colors: Black, Red, Orange, Purple, Royal, Navy,  Steel, Turquoise, Red front with Black back, and Navy front with a Neon Green back

Currently Sold Out

Note from the creator


As a former goalie, I know it is hard to find a jersey that you can wear in the summer.  Most jerseys on the market are such heavy material that they leave you feeling sticky, sweaty and prone to heat exhaustion.  I can say with confidence that when wearing this jersey, you don't even notice that is a part of your uniform.  The mesh back allows air to flow as you move, without exposing your flesh to the field surfaces.  My goalies and I have field tested the jersey and I can confidently say that the material will hold up to about 100 dives on dry water base turf. This is a very durable fabric. I have personally gone to different facilities to test this product and I stand by it.


Christina Walker
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